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Comfort heating pad for home & gastronomy

The new 55 degree Comfort heating pad

The super warm heating pad with up to 4.5 hours of seat warmth! A large and comfortable seat pad with a cozy and velvety fabric.
- 3-stage with on/off switch.
- Ideal for your home and your guests

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Best Seller

98% customer satisfaction

The mobile heating pad for on the go

The heatable cushion that can be used anywhere. Cozy seat warmth at the touch of a button - no matter where you are!

Mobile and cordless battery heating pad with 2 hours of heat. Ideal for every family outing
Mobile and cordless battery heating pad with 2 hours of heat. Ideal for every family outing
A lady sits on her Christmas present: a heatmyseat heating pad in the colour black. She now takes the mobile heating pad with her to the park every day during her lunch break.
The foldable and lightweight heating pad is the perfect warm companion for every stadium. The mobile stadium heating pad - the seat heater in the stadium
A cool and sporty cordless heating pad with battery in the colour black for the garden. Perfect for every camping trip, restaurant visit or for the balcony.
HEATMYSEAT® mobile heating pad
Cordless battery heating pad for outdoor or indoor use in dark blue
Test winner heating pad with battery from heatmyseat.de
The best wireless heating pad for dogs and cats or humans
The heating pad test concluded that heatmyseat is the test winner.
Buy the grey heat me seat heating pad Switzerland and Germany
HEATMYSEAT® mobile heating pad
HEATMYSEAT® mobile heating pad
HEATMYSEAT® mobile heating pad

HEATMYSEAT® mobile heating pad

Heating Pad Dark Blue HEATMYSEAT®
Heating Pad Dark Blue HEATMYSEAT®
Garden furniture: heatable seat cushion battery for comfortable sitting
Seat cushion heatable outdoor against cystitis.
The battery for Heated Seat Cushion outdoor with 5000 mah
The backpack bag for your heated seat cushion usb
Seat Cushion Heatable Battery Dark Blue

Heating Pad Dark Blue HEATMYSEAT®

The Stadium Heating Pad with Swiss Flag - Swiss Fanshop Articles
The Stadium Heating Pad with Swiss Flag - Swiss Fanshop Articles
A warm seat pad for the football stadium
Your portable heating pad is perfect for hiking, camping or the stadium
Your cordless outdoor heating pad is perfect for football or ice hockey
Battery for your battery-powered stadium heating pad


The stylish outdoor heating pad in the colour orange - cordless, with battery and mobile
The stylish outdoor heating pad in the colour orange - cordless, with battery and mobile
HEATMYSEAT® Cordless Heating Pad Orange - Perfect for any walk or camping trip.
HEATMYSEAT® Foldable Mobile Heating Pad in Orange. Buy the warming seat heating pad as a Christmas gift
Powerbank Battery for Outdoor Heat Pad
Man carries his mobile heating pad in the garden
Each of your heat products comes with this backpack pouch

Heating Pad Orange HEATMYSEAT®


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Our cushions are also available from the largest online store in Switzerland, brack.ch.
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Our heating pads are also available from our partners Galaxus.ch and digitec.ch in the Garden section.
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Buy a warm and comfortable battery heating pad for outdoor use.

Enjoy the winter with HEATMYSEAT®.

Your wireless heating pad is ready for you!

It's that time again: winter is coming! But we still want to go outside and meet up with friends. But unfortunately it's just too cold. With your HEATMYSEAT Outdoor battery heating pad, you have a comfortable and warm place to sit wherever you are. Whether it's for a restaurant, a short walk or visiting friends on the terrace: your heating pad is a loyal companion! Wireless, practical and mobile.

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XL Anthracite Heating Pad by HEATMYSEAT®

The new XL heating pad with 5cm more seat area

The mobile heating pad in XL form: 5cm more length on each side provide even more surface area and thus even better seating comfort! Ideal for wheelchair users or generally all outdoor lovers who want a large heatable seat.

More about the XL heating pad

1 year warranty

2-3 days delivery

The mobile heating pad 


With a seat temperature of 40 degrees, you no longer have to be cold anywhere!


The first heating pad that you can take anywhere. Ideal for every outing!


This heating pad is powered only by a rechargeable battery. You get cosy warmth at the touch of a button.


The cordless heating pad is made of comfortable and dirt-repellent foam.

A foldable and mobile cordless heating pad with rechargeable battery for everyday use.

Light & Foldable

The warming seat pad is foldable and weighs only 250 grams - so it fits in any backpack or handbag. Simply take it anywhere, switch it on at the touch of a button and enjoy around 40 degrees of sitting warmth. The cordless heating pad has a rechargeable battery that provides up to 2 hours of heat. If necessary, you can extend the battery life as you wish by connecting a stronger power bank to your heating pad. With the right power bank, more than 10 hours of battery life is possible.

Sit outside with comfortable outdoor heating pad, heatable with rechargeable battery

Dreamlike warm & comfortable

At 40 degrees, the cushion warms your buttocks and makes sitting in cold places a pleasure. With the HEATMYSEAT heating pad, a visit to the football stadium, a camping holiday or even just the balcony at home becomes a whole new experience. Simply sit down on the pleasantly soft cushion and switch on the heat function if required. To make the cushion not only comfortable to sit on, but also convenient to carry, a backpack bag is included.

Usable everywhere

Blue wireless outdoor heat pad for home or outside on the balcony. Alternative to Stoov and heatme

At home on the balcony

Would you like to enjoy the fresh air on your balcony more often, but can't because it's just too cold? HEATMYSEAT saves your butt in this situation and provides cosy warmth. The warm and comfortable seat pad fits ideally on any chair or small bench. Even all smokers who regularly torture themselves on the cold balcony are always grateful to the uncomplicated seat heating. 

For restaurants and catering, the HEATMYSEAT heating pads are a sought-after piece of furniture for all guests.

In the restaurant

Whether in a café, bar or restaurant: on occasion, most people prefer to sit outside. But often there is a cold breeze or even worse: you sit on an ice-cold chair made of aluminium. That's why it's always handy to have your own foldable and comfortable seat pad with you, which you can even warm if necessary. Some restaurants have even equipped all their patio seats with our battery heating pads, delivering a premium experience to your customers. A cosy atmosphere leaves a If you are interested in a catering heating pad set of 10 click HERE.

A lovely warm cushion for outside in the garden. Available in all colours. Better than any grape seed or cherry pit cushion.

Your heating pad in the garden

What could be better than spending time outside in your own home? Actually, you would like to use your beautiful garden or your cosy terrace a few months longer in the year. With the cordless heating pad you can do just that: Barbecue something nice outside and then sit down at the dining table surrounded by chairs with warming seat cushions on which to enjoy dinner. The heating time of about 2 hours should be well enough for an extensive feast! Buy your battery heating pad HERE.

A warm seat pad on a camping chair or garden furniture. Ideal for campers.

When camping or camping

Every camper knows it: you're out in the beautiful countryside, sitting in front of your tent, your camper van or your motorhome. Actually, everything would be perfect, but unfortunately it is a little too cold to sit outside at the rest area and freeze your butt off. That's why the HEATMYSEAT heating pad is an absolute must-have, especially for us nature lovers. With its pleasant warmth and water- and dirt-repellent surface, it makes camping fun again, even in cloudy weather. From now on, you can stay outside a few hours longer on every cold camping evening. The most popular colour of the battery heating pad for campers is red.

The heating pad in the stadium

Who doesn't know it? No matter what time of year it is, staying loyal to your club is not always easy in cold weather. But now imagine that instead of freezing cold in the stadium, you feel a slight warmth on your seat. Our mobile heat pads make it possible! The warm seat pad turns the stadium into your living room. With our included powerbanks, you have a battery life of about 2 hours. With an even stronger battery, you can easily manage over 10 hours.

On a walk

Many people love beautiful autumn walks or go hiking in the cold mountains. Here, too, it is always a dream experience to warm up briefly with a cosy heating pad during the classic "bench break" or picnic. Since it is foldable and light as a feather, it is an absolute "must-have" for our customers to have our heating pad with them on their excursions.

Your outdoor battery heating pad is portable

Customer reviews

"Best heating pad with beautiful colours. It fits in my handbag and I now take it with me every time I go to a restaurant."


"Me and my colleagues got ourselves 5 heating pads for the cold lunch break. We use it every day and charge every 3 days - really cool product."


"Great gift for my mother! The package arrived after 2 days. She was very pleased. It gets nice and warm after about a minute".